Six features the iPhone 8 needs to stay ahead of Android

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Steve Jobs was driven to create iPhone by obnoxious Microsoft guy with stylus


The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs: “OK, put the tablet on hold. Let’s build a phone.”

Image: Apple

Had a Microsoft executive not boasted about Redmond’s plans to “rule the world” with a new Windows tablet and stylus, Steve Jobs might not have hit on the iconic design for the iPhone and iPad.

During a talk at the Computer History Museum this week, Scott Forstall, who led iOS development at Apple under Jobs, recounted the moment Jobs realized that fingers would be the way forward for mobile computing.

“It began because Steve hated this guy at Microsoft. That’s the actual origin of it,” said Forstall. “Any time Steve had any social…

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iPhone challenger OnePlus 5 arrives. But will it trouble Apple's flagship?


The OnePlus 5 is half a millimeter thinner than the iPhone 7 Plus and retains the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Image: OnePlus

OnePlus has unveiled the highly anticipated OnePlus 5, its latest challenger to the iPhone and Galaxy S8 that sets a new bar for the company in specs and price.

As expected, the OnePlus 5 features a dual rear camera for better portrait shots and comes with Qualcomm’s premium Snapdragon 835 processor.

Leaks of the One Plus 5 showing the position of the dual camera and rounded or chamfered edges drew comparisons to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Like many smartphones from China, the OnePlus 5 does take design cues from the iPhone, and features…

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Microsoft's Pix for iPhone: Now AI gives your photos a pop art makeover


Microsoft’s deep learning gives your iPhone photos an artistic makeover in a variety of styles.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has added a new editing feature in its Pix iPhone camera app that lets you transform photos into styles reminiscent of famous works of art.

When Microsoft launched Pix, it originally used AI for the serious business of improving the quality photos taken on an iPhone. It did this by taking a burst of snaps and suggesting the best one, as well as tidying up images with better lighting and color.

Pix Styles rather is meant to be fun, allowing users to transform images into styles that mimic “masterpiece paintings and artsy photos” in…

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iOS 11 has a big problem, and we're to blame for it

It’s early days, but it seems that iOS 11 has a big problem when it comes to usability and discoverability of new features.

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The WWDC 2017 keynote gave us the first proper look at the upcoming iOS 11, and it’s clear that Apple has been hard at work adding a whole raft of new features to the platform to help keep up with Android.

Just this slide from the WWDC keynote shows just how much new stuff is going to land with iOS 11.

iOS 11 has a big problem, and we are to blame for it

But anyone who has followed operating system for any time knows that adding more features brings with it problems. Specifically, three problems arise:

  • General increase in complexity (more stuff = more complexity)
  • Mystery meat navigation…

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$1,000 iPad Pro vs $3,000 2017 MacBook Pro: Speed tests say it's a close call


The 2017 iPad Pro bumps up against the MacBook Pro in CPU and GPU performance

Image: Bare Feats

You might not believe Apple’s claim that the iPad Pro can replace a PC, but the newest models are bumping up against Apple’s own top-specced MacBook Pro in performance benchmark tests.

The CPU and GPU tests were run by Mac-focused benchmarking blog Bare Feats, which pitted the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro against the highest configuration 2017 MacBook Pro 13-inch, with Intel’s Kaby Lake 3.5GHz i7 processor, Iris Plus Graphics 650 GPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB flash storage.

To give a fuller picture of the iPad Pro’s generational improvements relative to the MacBook Pro, it…

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iPhone 8 will have wireless charging, reveals Apple supplier


Until now, iPhone users have had to use third-party wireless-charging products, like this Bezalel I6 Qi charger.

Image: Bezalel

The CEO of Apple iPhone manufacturer Wistron has let slip that the next iPhone will include wireless charging.

Wireless charging has featured on Android phones for several years, but Apple in typical style has held back, leaving the iPhone either stuck with cords or third-party wireless battery cases and other gadgets.

That situation could change on the next iPhone if details from relatively new Apple supplier Wistron are correct. Wistron assembles some iPhone models in India, and according to its CEO, Robert Hwang, it’s had to…

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Get ready for the coming iOS 11 'Appocalypse'

The end is nigh for all 32-bit iOS apps

Imagine unlocking your iPhone and scrolling to your favorite app only to find that when you tap on it, it doesn’t work any more. Well, if you’re still relying on an old app that hasn’t been updated recently, iOS 11 will be the end of the line.

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As the WWDC 2017 keynote opener, Apple kicked off with a video entitled “Appocalypse” which took a light-hearted look at the turmoil that would result if people’s favorite apps suddenly stopped working. It’s a bit of fun from Apple to highlight the importance of apps – and their developers – not only to Apple but to society as a whole.

But what Apple didn’t say was that there is an “Appocalypse” coming, and that the end is indeed nigh for a whole class of…

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The iPhone 8 will have twice as much glass for you to break

If you’re someone who worried that they are going to smash their iPhone’s display, the next iPhone will have twice as much glass for you to worry about.

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According to photos of what are claimed to be iPhone 8 parts leaked on Reddit, the rear panel of the iPhone 8, along with the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus, will be made of glass.

The iPhone 8 will have twice as much glass for you to break
The iPhone 8 will have twice as much glass for you to break

The switch from metal to glass is to allow Apple to bring wireless charging to the iPhone.

The front panel feature a thin screen bezel with a space at the top of the display for front-facing camera, microphone, and speaker.

No Touch ID sensor hole is present in the front…

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